Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A midweek special

I don't normally blog during the week but in the interests of keeping another NYR I decided why the hell not. 

Its 10:22pm and I'm going to be very tired tomorrow, but I couldn't sleep anyway. 

I'm not sure why, I think it might be the doona AND blanket on our bed (and the heat), plus the cats who now sleep on me because the man sleeps on top of the doona. This doesn't suit Schroddy at all, its probably not surprisingly she chooses to sleep on me, her underling rather than sleep on her sweaty god.

Speaking of god, God. I booked our wedding counselling today. Or the 'pre-wedding preparation course' as the snooty woman from Malvern (Mole-vern) corrected me. The brochure the Church sent me said it was $115 which I thought was steep, but apparently that 'brochure is out of date'.

I guess the global financial crisis is hurting God too because now they're whacking folk like us $285 for the course. Its one hour a week for four weeks.

I could say something about you having to pay ($285) to get into hell, but apparently the course is good. Or so I've heard. 

What else? We've gotten a bit out of control doing wedding planning, in fact we're stuck. It seems like its too early to book our honeymoon without paying outrageous amounts. We're pretty sure we're going to do some kind of Queensland island + the gold coast. Really we're just big kids and want to go to the amusement parks and the beach.

We also ordered our bombonierre (or however you choose to spell it), see here. Yes it was hellishly expensive but I think you only get married once. I'm sure the lady we pay $285 will fill us
in on that sort of thing.

I realised I sort of kind of know someone who is a florist. We're catching up with them in a couple of weeks, I'm stuck on flowers so that should be good.

Oh and, we have a pre-engagement shoot with the photographer in a couple of weeks too.

How well have I done this week!

- Jen


Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort Jen!

Anonymous said...

Keep it going! Had to post another comment because the word verification was Catstoyu. It was so appropriate.

Love Mum.

Anonymous said...

You could still elope and save all the hassles


P.S What with the wedding theme confirmation word "chast"