Monday, January 19, 2009

With my (alright the man's) own two hands

You would think, being a grown up now that I'd master certain things. Actually somethings I probably should have mastered a long time ago, like mental arithmetic and wrapping presents. 

Also, apparently I should have mastered cutting paper. I think they covered this in kinder.

There I was on Sunday morning, armed with fancy papers and a fancy stanley knife doobalackey staring at the paper I was supposed to be slicing for our wedding invites. The man offered to hold the ruler, which I reluctantly agreed to. I still sliced the paper crooked. I tried again and it was wonkier still. 

I had a brief impulse to throw a tantrum but then I swallowed hard and passed the man the knife. Who then went on to cut out the paper we needed, thread complicated ribbon on buckles and we had a 'prototype'.

We're a

Anyway it took an hour. At that rate its going to take 3.75 days to make all the invites we need. I think we need to automate the process.

And yes, I used a calculator to work out how many days it would take.

- Jen

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