Monday, January 19, 2009

I've seen your photo, your photo don't look a thing like you

This week just gone was incredibly hectic and I just didn't even have time to blog. But I really wanted to, so I consider my new years resolution not broken.

Above you will see what we spent a torturous 30 minutes doing on Saturday morning. No, not lazing about at a railway station, we were having our 'engagement' photo shoot. Yes. A photo shoot. 

Have you met me? Have you met the man? Torturous. 
Actually, the man turned out to be an excellent photographic subject. I was not so...excellent.
Put your head this way, your chin that way, stand on your head. And don't forget to smile. By about the 20 minute mark I'd had it. The photographer said I looked worried. I was worried. I'm not co-ordinated! If my legs were in the right place, my chin wasn't. 

Right about then I was cursing the fact I hadn't thought to ask Richard last year before we booked our wedding photographer. 

But I was reassured at the end because the guy said it won't be so focused like that on the 'big day'. 

I suppose, at least if I didn't blog we got some photos so I fulfilled some part of my new years resolution. If tax doesn't work out I think I'll take up photography, it seems like an extremely lucrative business. Unfortuantely I think its a skill, and I'll blog later about my 'skills'.

I will be putting more photos on Facebook because I'm trying to send them all over the world to get our money's worth. 


Andrew said...

Aww, it is a nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Jen, you shouldn't put yourself down, this is a really lovely photo of you both.

Great catching up with you again at the weekend. Hope you had a good night out too on Saturday and didn't get too drunk!!

Speak soon

Ren said...

That's a lovely picture!