Saturday, April 29, 2006

Graduation Day (there was..)

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Yesterday was the fruition of four years of well not exactly blood or sweat but occasionally tears.

I graduated from university and am now the proud owner of a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Information Technology. I majored in International Business and did an IT minor in Online Multimedia.

I constantly ask myself what exactly it is I learnt at university. Post exams I remember very little about absolute and comparative advantage, for loops and while loops, maslows hierarchy of needs, object modelling and the rest of the 'stuff' I learnt at uni. I did learn to think differently though. A lot of people write uni off as a waste of money and time or think that uni students are bludgers (there is a small amount of work done in the 2 weeks before exams you know). I know uni isn't the be all and end all but I'm really glad I went. I worked hard, too hard probably but now it's all paid off for me. I have a great job which I enjoy, I met so many people and had an awesome time. All the o-weeks and the theme nights I will definitely miss. The 'all-nighters' probably not so much but even those were something I'm glad I experienced. There were the eccentric lecturers, the awesome lecturers, the mean lecturers, the buying of fresh textbooks and the promises to yourself that this semester you were going to go to every class and there weren't going to be any 'all nighters'. There was the moving out of home, the freezing winters at woodstock crt, the parties at woodstock and campbell crts, flip cup with the Americans, the unsteady walks home through the 'blair witch' area, the Termo (and its tragic demise). Then there was the accounting exam which I forgot to take a calculator to (and subsequently failed although I did manage to secure a calculator). There was the project management subject where I failed the first assignment by one mark, passed the second assignment by one mark and then came out with a credit after the exam. Then there was the subjects where I got distinctions in both assignments and finished with a pass. I guess I won some and I lost some. I never did find that elusive HD though. I traded fun and a social life for 10 marks (which is a pretty good trade).

I'm sure going to miss it (as we speak my taste for beer is diminishing).

- Jen

p.s. See my flickr for more grad photos.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This my readers has been a 'milestone' day. Unfortuantely I've been sick with the 'flu, in fact I even took my first real sick day on Monday. So coming back to work today I had emails and phone messages (okay A phone message) to check and catch up on. While my pc at work was booting up and before I'd even sat down I had dialled into the message bank on my phone to hear that I was getting transferred, to Melbourne, in June.

After a few oh my gods and curious looks from my co-workers (well I do have the 'flu so it sounded like "uh by gob" "uh by gob!") I got through the day and met up with the man after work who presented me with a huge bunch of flowers and a 'guitar tutor' book (he is very sweet that man).

Melbourne. Finally.

- Jen

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me & The Man & Dylan Moran

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Saturday night the man and I ventured out into the cold streets of Melbourne to go and see Dylan Moran at the Comedy Festival. It was different to what I expected. His humour is a lot cleverer than I'd realised and I didn't think I would see so much of Bernard Black in him. But sure enough he came out with a glass of wine and smoked something like four cigarettes in an hour.
It made for a really good night thats for sure. Home by 9:00 and straight back into season one of the Gilmore Girls which we got cheap on front of the heater. Fantastic

- Jen

Fish are Friends, not Food.

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This is my friend Liz holding the fish she supposedly caught.

Having seen Liz fish (it's very similar to Liz screaming and jumping around a lot). I'm not actually sure if the picture even counts as proof.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Eight is not enough!

The experts tell you that eight hours sleep is enough for an average human being. Not surprisingly as an 'above' average human being I am finding I require more. Lots more. Last night I was asleep at 9pm and woke up at 5:30 am to 'California' by Phantom Planet playing on my mobile phone. Thats eight and a HALF hours sleep! and I still struggled.

Work was pretty interesting today. I made my first phone call to a tax agent to find out some information about one of their clients...I was pretty nervous (understandably I guess), but I think I managed to come off as professional and not too dumb. I also passed an assessment I sat today and now just have to resit one I failed last week but I won't get around to that until after easter.

Speaking of easter, I don't think I will be catching up on much sleep then either. Good Friday I am having lunch with my mum and my nan then heading down to Melbourne. Saturday night the man and I are going to see Dylan Moran at the Comedy Festival, which will be awesome! Sunday we are driving to Berrigan to see the man's family for easter then Monday we are coming back to Albury, and Tuesday (which I've taken as a flex day) I'm not sure what we're doing. Phew. Sounds tiring!

Well I have to go and bring in the washing, feed the cats, unpack the dishwasher and make dinner...I think I will skip the gym tonight.

- Tired Jen

Friday, April 07, 2006


Tonight I was supposed to be having drinks with some people I went to high school with. A couple of them I literally haven't seen since high school so I was both excited and well a bit wary I suppose. I took a flex day today and drove down (to Melbourne) last night and surprised the man. I worked this morning (in front of the heater at home!) and then when I'd learnt all my brain would absorb about 'Deductions for Business' I went up to highpoint to find some jeans that don't make my arse look big.

After wandering around for about an hour having sales people give me jeans to try on which looked suspiciously like the jeans I was already wearing (I'm pretty sure one pair were the same) I decided that my arse was just going to have to stay how it was and that I was damn lucky the one pair that I did like the shop didn't have in my size (thats $160 that staying in my bank account thankyou very much). I also came to the conclusion catching sight of myself in a window on my way out that I looked fine and even a little bit damn fine just the way I was.

Of course when I got home I had a message from Alex on my phone telling me that tonight had been cancelled anyway. I guess the high school reunion will have to wait another 5 years.

So what to do? I know the man is having drinks with people from his work (he was supposed to meet me after that) so I could tag along to that, or I could get changed back into tracky daks and my hoodie, turn the heater on grab the new book I'm reading and .... ah stuff it I'm messaging the man and braving the elements...all in the name of beer.

- Jen

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A little bit of java rant

class Rant
public static void main (String[] argv)

System.out.println("Stop $&%*$#^* calling me!!! I have had ENOUGH
of telemarketers. You know when they're calling because
you get the long pause where you have enough time say "hello", "heLLO"
and then "HELLO!!!!" before the foreign voice cuts in and asks to speak to
my mother at least they don't badger me when I tell them she isn't home

I don't like being badgered!");

} // end main

}// end class

- Jen

p.s. How did I go? I wonder if it would compile! It's been that long. What I really wanted to do was make a method called my.mothersName() and then call that, do another print line, put in my mothers name...but its been a LONG time since I learnt Java. If anyone wants to fill me in on the vitally important lines I missed (there must be something!).

EDIT: Damn the formatting didn't come out like I'll get the gist of it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Growing up, yeah

jen1 001
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Well Friday was my birthday and I have reached the ripe old age of twenty-two (it sounds older if I write it out in letters).

I had a pretty good day we went out to the pub for lunch at work (for 2 1/2 hours) and then I went and got a haircut, met up with the man and headed home.
I got a nice surprise from the man with a 'gift card' worth one snowboard which I will get when you can buy them again (i.e. in winter). Season Two of Little Britain from my sister (eh eh ehhhh) and the third season of scrubs from turtle-lips.

Had a really nice weekend all in all, went out to Zen X for teppanyaki last night followed by fishbowls from Taco Bills. Unfortuantely the food disagreed with both the man and I's stomachs and we alternated between bed and the toilet all night. I'd presumed I would be sick from the alcohol not the food!!! But there you go.

Well I am VERY tired, and have washing to do! Stupid me brought work home with me which I knew I shouldn't do. I'm not going to do any and will now just feel guilty for not opening it!! I would have been better leaving it at work and not thinking about it!! Gah!

- Jen