Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This my readers has been a 'milestone' day. Unfortuantely I've been sick with the 'flu, in fact I even took my first real sick day on Monday. So coming back to work today I had emails and phone messages (okay A phone message) to check and catch up on. While my pc at work was booting up and before I'd even sat down I had dialled into the message bank on my phone to hear that I was getting transferred, to Melbourne, in June.

After a few oh my gods and curious looks from my co-workers (well I do have the 'flu so it sounded like "uh by gob" "uh by gob!") I got through the day and met up with the man after work who presented me with a huge bunch of flowers and a 'guitar tutor' book (he is very sweet that man).

Melbourne. Finally.

- Jen

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Mike said...

Congrats on your tranfer! Your probably the only person I've heard of that wants to move TO Melbourne, most want to move to Queensland. Whatever you do, don't complain about Melbournes weather, its not that bad!