Friday, November 30, 2007

A busy day...

My bin
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You can tell I had a hell of a day when there is TWO empty coffee cups..and a twirl bar wrapper in the bin at the end of the day.

Two large coffees too. Really wish the computer screen would stop twitching.

They don't look 'large'. Its a bit frustrating actually, compared to every other coffee place in the universe they'd be 'medium' but whatever. Its good coffee they can call it whatever they want. The huge-a-magooga size coffee cups are 'jumbo' size. I think my head would explode if I drank one that big.

But anyway. Phew. I'm so glad its the weekend!!!!!

- Jen


Well it wasn't that bad. I've been meaning to blog about the interview I had on Wednesday but never got around to it.

The assessment task was the 'poo' part. Can't blog about what it was.

Interview was actually okay. Its amazing how much better you get at interviews.

We'll see how the assessment centre balances out with the interview though.

Wow. This is a totally nothing post!

Ooh! I forgot to mention where it WAS! My favourite building in Melbourne. Recently decided that Collins St is by far my favourite street too. And 'centre way', don't even get me started. Its Melbourne's Diagon Alley!! Its also supposed to have one of Melbourne's best coffee places according to The Melbourne Coffee Review. Haven't tried it yet though.

Ah ha! Managed to turn this post into something after all.

- Jen

Sunday, November 25, 2007

When all you want's one more Saturday

Worked at the election yesterday. I was one of those people asking you what your name was and where you lived and then wincing when you told me you lived in Ascot Vale. Unfortuantely part of Maribyrnong Rd is the boundary for our division. Yes, I said 'part of'. Not confusing for people at all.

As I can only hear out of one ear at the moment, even people with really simple surnames were having to write them down for me, ..'oh, SMITH!!'. Not quite that simple but yeah. Anyway the first few hours were hideous because I hadn't had a coffee and apparently now I just don't function well without one. Also because I was thinking how I had the whole rest of the day and most of the night to go.

But then Bill Shorten and a squillion cameras came in, then all of a sudden it was lunchtime, then it was three o'clock and then it was six o'clock and we were counting. The closing up took the longest, we finished counting about 9/9:30 and I still didn't get home until 10:30 (and its only a ten minute walk away). Slightly hungry but too tired to cook anything much so I had porridge.

The man got stuck in a polling place out at Sunshine (I was in moonee ponds) and HE got home at 9:30.

I walked in the door right in time for a news update to see 'labor wins' flash across the screen, 'Howard rings Rudd to concede'. Sigh. It feels like I'm a part of something I'm old enough to remember which is cool.

So this morning I stumbled out of bed at 9AM. Very very tired. Then I talked the man into* breakfast at the pancake parlour for a treat which was very nice but I ate so much I nearly made myself sick. We finally used our discount movie vouchers and I felt so full I couldn't fit in my usual dark chocolate bullets. Very sad.

Well right now I have to go and prepare for a job interview I have next week. Same job I'm doing now, just one level up. Not very exciting.

- Jen

* 'talking into' went something like, 'want to go to the pancake parlour for breakfast'? ...'aw yeah ok'.

Here comes johnny and he'll tell you the story.. hand me down my walking shoes.

It's no secret that I vote Liberal. Yes there was a brief period of time earlier this year when I thought I might vote Labor (brrr) but then I stopped watching the piece of garbage Sunrise has become, shook my head and remembered that voting Labor would mean change and I don't do change.

I knew Labor would win but I didn't realise how rattled it would make me feel. Remember that I am only 23, I've only been old enough to vote in one other federal election and that John Howard has been PM since I was 11! 11!! I don't know anything else!! I've never experienced this side of a democracy. To me, the party I vote for, or would vote for wins. Ok I don't think democracy is the right word..seeing how everyone votes. But to me, whoever I vote for wins anyway! It's just not right.

So what happens now?

- Jen

Friday, November 23, 2007

Life is good, and the girls are gorgeous

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So remember ages ago how I whinging about not remembering to take any photos at our friends farewell party? Well I still didn't take any pictures and I'm still an idiot. But lucky some people do, and thanks to facebook I acquired some pictures.

You can tell the one in the middle is me because I'm the only girl drinking beer.

- Jen

Sunday, November 18, 2007

SOTM November 2007 - Not a hasty decision

Had a really hard time choosing this month. Jase has got me hooked on Paolo Nutini. But which song to choose? I'm SO hooked yesterday I forked out the $26 for his album (came with a bonus live cd). 'These streets' almost made it but considering I've been listening to 'Jenny don't be hasty' for the past few weeks, thats this months SOTM. Tony you did add to the confusion but unfortuantely Paolo > wombats...just.

Here is Paolo singing this months song of the month

You said you'd marry me if I was 23
But I'm one that you can't see if I'm only 18
Tell me who made these rules
Obviously not you
Who are you answering to?
Oh, jenny don't be hasty
No, don't treat me like a baby
Let me take you where you'll let me
Because leaving just upsets me
I'll be around again to see the other men
They're more adequate in the age department
I did not think you cared.
There'd be no problems here
But now you're looking at me like you're disgusted
Then I'm definitely waiting for you to smile and change your mind
Then I'll say I'm sorry and I'll wrap my arms 'round your body
I really hope that you forgive in a hurry
And don't just ask me to leave
Oh, jenny don't be hasty
Don't treat me like a baby
Let me take you where you'll let me
Because leaving just upsets me
Oh, jenny you are crazy!
First I'm perfect, then I'm lazy
And I was calling you my baby
And all the times that you just left me
And it kills me!

- Jen

Its the stupidest time of the year?

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Saw this in the car park when were out doing some Christmas shopping yesterday. At highpoint of course.

How does someone park like that and then think its okay? Especially when the car on the right of them was within their own lines?

Best stupid thing was in toys r us when I lined up. Queue was moderately annoying not that many people but people with LOTS of stuff. So anyway I line up and there is a kid probably four-ish lying on the floor. Thinking he belonged to the people in front of me, I ignored him. Then this lady pushes past me to reclaim her place in the queue. She used her KID to mind the queue. Her little kid. Yeah okay do it if your kid is a bit older and you forget something but don't put someone that little there!! Then, in contention for mother of the year, when the kid starts whining buy him a sugary drink. That'll work. Guaranteed peace and quiet if they're hopped up on sugar.

Lucky we don't have too much more shopping to do. The man and I aren't buying each other presents this year. Maybe after Christmas at a sale or something. He can buy me a pizza in Italy.

- Jen

and its 4 5 6 7 grab your umbrella

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This is what I woke up to this morning. Rain, rain rain!

Big pelting rain. On that tin roof you see there. It was cloudy and so nice and dark in our bedroom for once. Usually everytime you wake up its like getting punched in the face by the sun. It hurts and its not good for your eyes.

So it was difficult getting out of bed.

Just thought I would blog about this because I haven't seen rain like that for ages.

We have noticed a weird parallel between it raining and us going out for Japanese. That's not until tonight but still. Everytime we are going out for Japanese it drizzles. There is no scientific research to back this up. Going to check out Fuji teppanyaki in Mt Alexander Rd. We've given our regular Japanese place the flick because the man has noticed his beef teriyaki getting smaller and smaller...and smaller. The price is the same though. Maybe they're getting tips from Kraft because the new vegemite jars are a scam for sure.

Right now at 11.41 it looks like its about 40 degrees outside and the sun is winding up for a nice right hook. We're off to see 'lions for lambs'. I'd take a lamb over a lion only because I'm not sure how lion would taste. I'm guessing thats not what the movie is about. Does this mean I'll eat Skippy but I won't eat Simba? Interesting.

- Jen

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tonight.. I'm going to have myself a real good time

So Saturday night (at home by ourselves as per usual). The man gets a call from his friend who was supposed to be coming over to ours to ask whether we'd like to come over to someone elses house in Camberwell. Where's Camberwell was my first question, apparently its near Hawthorn, which didn't help much.

I was dead keen to go, and the man had his 'if you want to go then we'll go' attitude on. Which is code for, 'I don't want to go, its far away, there are new people there, and did I mention its far away'?

So we went.

I'm so glad we did. Hung out with some really awesome people, had some fantastic pizza (apparently not as good as Crust..but I haven't had Crust so I can't judge). Played lots of wii, Excite truck really is buckets of ..excite.

There is another wii night on this week, 'wii' will have to go I think.

So awesome to get out and meet new people.

Pretty sure the man enjoyed himself too. Good pizza helps.

Is Crust really that good??

- Jen

Its only the 1st of November...isn't it? And I updated on...

Seriously the 12th of November? Not cool. I knew the last time I updated was 27th of October, 5th November, 6th November...still respectable.

Again its the old lots has happened, but its lots of little things and I forgot to write them down.

Like how we kind of got into a teensy fight with a neighbour. Surprisingly it wasn't with stampy or high heels harry upstairs.

We also booked and paid for our overseas trip. Whats that we're having for dinner the man? Gruel? Awesome. Looking forward to the one pizza we will be able to afford in Italy.

Oh, lots of wedding plans. Weddings are still expensive. But we've found a place to have the reception that won't break the bank and was surprisingly awesome. Need to get quotes for photographers and flowers...and music and cake. But its all good. We totally forgot to budget for wedding rings. Pretty important part of the wedding you would think.

I'll get around to filling in the blanks hopefully later. But dinner...lamb chops and salad calls. Okay okay we're not eating gruel yet.

- Jen