Monday, November 12, 2007

Its only the 1st of November...isn't it? And I updated on...

Seriously the 12th of November? Not cool. I knew the last time I updated was 27th of October, 5th November, 6th November...still respectable.

Again its the old lots has happened, but its lots of little things and I forgot to write them down.

Like how we kind of got into a teensy fight with a neighbour. Surprisingly it wasn't with stampy or high heels harry upstairs.

We also booked and paid for our overseas trip. Whats that we're having for dinner the man? Gruel? Awesome. Looking forward to the one pizza we will be able to afford in Italy.

Oh, lots of wedding plans. Weddings are still expensive. But we've found a place to have the reception that won't break the bank and was surprisingly awesome. Need to get quotes for photographers and flowers...and music and cake. But its all good. We totally forgot to budget for wedding rings. Pretty important part of the wedding you would think.

I'll get around to filling in the blanks hopefully later. But dinner...lamb chops and salad calls. Okay okay we're not eating gruel yet.

- Jen


Ren said...

Oh lord... You're doing the wedding thing too, huh? Got any good resources? *flails helplessly about*

RXA said...

Maybe you should pool your photographer friends together (if you have any).