Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey! It will be alright, just find a state where everything's passing by

Had a...not great week at work. Getting paid extra is great...but I'm feeling very stressed. The work I can handle, I actually really enjoy it but...I don't know. Although I didn't think I was feeling the pressure, it kind of just hit me this week.

Most of our team has left..or is even on stress leave and while I'm working with some awesome people, its just tough sometimes.

Funnily enough the way I was feeling, when I thought about it was more to do with the lack of sleep I got this week. Ever heard that saying 'never stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear'? Yeah, its true. Cotton buds are such a no-no. I've done something to my left ear where if I lie down when I yawn I get a stabbing pain in my ear. It seems to make me yawn too. After being upright for a few hours it gets less painful and then goes away. So sleeping hasn't been working out too well.

Oh well, I'm sure next week will be better. We have a morning tea on Monday, those are always good.

- Jen

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