Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kanga Bangas and GF BBQs

Last Saturday (yes I know, I'm the last person in the world to blog about it) was the Annual Grand Final BBQ put on by the Malloy's. I went last year and despite my best attempts to convince the man to join me I went alone again.

Where as last year I undercooked the cake I made, this year I slightly overcooked the brownies. Brownies are not cake!! Some were still a bit fudgy in the middle though. Not like the picture in the women's weekly cookbook though!

Took 'Kanga Bangas' - roo sausages I found in the supermarket. They're supposed to be better for you than regular snags. Mashed up roo screams road kill though...
I thought they were pretty good so we're thinking of making them a staple. I think 'Skippy Snags' would be a good alternative name though! Not that Kanga Bangas isn't pretty good.

Anyway, the game wasn't that interesting but it was nice to watch Port get trounced.

Again I had a great time, met some new people and caught up with people I'd met last year. Also determined I AM a geek. Wasn't sure I still was but nope, I've still got it.Speaking of new people I got to meet! Got to have a good long old of the quietest baby ever - little Henry, and saw his sister Kennedy for the five minutes she was awake. Babies sleep a lot!!

Thanks Rae and Tony!! I'll work on the man for next year...but no promises. Yes I mentioned the enormous tv!

- Jen

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