Thursday, October 04, 2007

No not me, it's 'I'

I'm upset. Last night the man and I had an hour to fill before spicks and specks and ended up watching some of 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader?'

Well. I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader. I'm not smarter than a 1st grader! I got the one about the St Bernard dog and I knew what 10-3 was so obviously I was feeling cocky. Then I (and most of Australia by the sounds of it) got the following question wrong.

1st grad* grammar too!

Max talked to Darcy and ____

a) I
b) me
c) my

EVERYONE knows its 'I'. Well everyone except kids in year one who apparently get taught its 'me'. Seriously, after my misspelling of 'VACUUM' the other day I'm not feeling too happy. Spelling and big words are my thing. Bad at maths, good at English, thats how its always been. Clearly I am not good at grammar. I just cannot fathom how it can be 'me'!! Now I'm not good at anything!!! I just will not accept that all my life I've been spelling vacuum wrong. The DICTIONARY is wrong. Rove is wrong!

What's worse if a kid said to me 'Max talked to Darcy and me' I'd correct them! Well..I probably wouldn't. But if I they were my kid I would*. So, this poses an interesting theory. What if, kids get taught at school its 'me', then they're going home and getting corrected by their parents!! I really think this is a possibility because all the kids on the show chose 'I', the child of the contestant on the show chose 'I'...everyone chose 'I'.

I rest my case. It's 'I'.

- Jen
* if they were I kid me would..


Craig & Bonzo said...

Ah Jen,

I'm so glad it wasn't just the wife and I that got that question wrong.

Or should I say the wife and me????

Anonymous said...

Because 'I' could be anything!the 'me' is right.
It would be:
'Darcy and I went to the beach'
but if you say:
'Max talked to Darcy and I'
and got rid of Darcy... who is Max talking to?
'Max talked to Darcy and me'
max is talking to me (you, whatever... first person). Point is, it makes sense.
'You and I' or 'Darcy and I' is still right though, just not when theres a subject before it.

jenu said...

So don't get rid of Darcy!! Keep Darcy! I vote we keep the lad!

Anonymous said...

I dont trust Darcy... He and I have some issues from the time Tony, Reggie and me were in a cardboard box. Tony didnt like reggie, and I didnt like me.
Oh the horror!

Anonymous said...

I definitely vote we keep Darcy. He and I go way back. (or he and me).

Cheers from a Pride and Prejudice fan.