Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why I wouldn't make a good criminal

Last night we went out! Didn't spend a cent either.

However I did have to masquerade as one of the man's mates girlfriends, but that was okay because he was pretending to be his mate.

Confusing I know, but his mate has members seats for the soccer and couldn't go so he offered us the seats.

There I was in the queue when I read the little swipe card thing that said 'identification must be produced'. This presented two problems for me. One, I don't have a concession card, and two (probably the more obvious problem), I'm not the person the card says I am. I start to feel a bit anxious. Then, I look up at the head of the queue and a girl I went to high school with (in Albury mind you) is the staff member on the gate. Damn! Obviously she's going to know I'm not who this card says I am! She might even know I don't have a concession card! Oh geez!

I casually switch lines. I'm almost at the head of the queue, checking to make sure I'm ready to quickly scan my card (like I've done it before). If I really were a member, I wouldn't screw this up.
The guy in front of me goes to scan his card, the machine beeps - the staff member starts paying attention (damn!), stops to look at the guys card. I'm done for now. They're checking cards.

My turn. I expertly scan my card and the guy waves me through the barrier, still concentrating on the guy before me. I'm free! I'm such a risk-taker!

We go to find our seats, bay 40....bay 40...ah! bay 40. Oh geez! There's another one on the entrance to the bay. Far out! Is THIS where we get asked for ID?? No, no its apparently not. I'm actually pretty sure I could have shown my RACV membership and got through. That or my frequent sippers card from gloria jeans.

What a rush though. Phew. Such an adrenaline junkie.

Soccer was good too. Nice Friday night out!

- Jen

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