Sunday, October 14, 2007

We went to look at kittens.....

And spent $600 odd dollars on stuff for our overseas trip. Nowhere in the $600 dollars were tickets to GET overseas. But by gosh when we do get there we will be well and truly equipped to carry our STUFF. I really wasn't sure how the big green garbage bag idea would pan out and now we don't have gigantic backpacks!

See the pet shop is across the way from Aussie Disposals and while kittens are cute, they can't carry 20 kilos of stuff around Europe. We know because we've discussed it with our cats and I think Schroddy actually stuck her paw up at me. And hissed.

So into Aussie Disposals we went and the girl was so nice and helpful and showed us the most awesome backpacks (75 litres!) that we bought two...and a sleeping bag for me. Sorry Mum but the metre long sleeping back at home that looks like a big smurf poo will not cut it. Oh and we bought protective sheet thingers for the revolting hostel mattresses we'll be sleeping.. on. I do mean protective for us, not protective for the mattresses. So yeah thats how good a salesperson she was. Not only that but she alleviated our concerns about maybe buying from a place like Kathmandu by telling us how their stuff is the same only called something different, and theirs has a lifetime warranty (they'll fed-ex us a new one if it busts o/s!).

So yay for us. We also bought a vortex (one of those balls with a tail that goes weeeeeee) to throw around in the sunlight. A very fun day.

Also, afterwards we did get to the pet shop windows and they only had doggies. In the window. In the petshop. With waggly tails.

- Jen
p.s we really did just go to look at kittens

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Anonymous said...

What you need is a team of cats... and a sled. It'll totally work!