Friday, October 19, 2007

Nobody likes you when you're 23

Going to Canberra this weekend (driving) with a mate, to see a mate. Should be good. Long trip though so I've fired up Pinky (4GB ipod mini) who is looking a bit..worse for wear. I swear the thing grunted and then coughed when I tried to turn it on. It may have hocked up a loogie too. Okay I'm exaggerating. It did beep menacingly at me though.

But anyway, I reset it and had to restore it and it seems to be okay now. The battery is shot though. Lucky for the in car charger.

So now I'm putting lots of road tunes on there. Getting all...awww blink 182!! I'll hate them again in three hours but oh the memories! The sweetness of 'Josie'. The awesome-ness of 'Dammit'. It IS alright for me to tell you what I think about you!!!

I have lots of songs that I associate with things/events so it always makes me feel good when I hear them. I haven't been to that many funerals only two I think. So I don't have that many sad songs. But for instance 'penguins and polar bears' by Millencolin always reminds me of jases and my 'touring' in his green beat up corolla. How much did you sell that for Jase? $100??

See 'Eagle Rock' by Daddy Cool always makes me feel bouncy and happy - but I also associate it with the start of Wolf Creek. You know where you're sitting there with your hand in your mouth rocking back and forth going 'ooh they gonna get killed'. Or was that just me? For the record - they do have Eagle Rock playing in the movie.

'Rise' by Daryl Braithwaite always reminds me of my sister. I'm sure that was her favourite song when she was about five. I think one year for Christmas I got a walkman and she got a tape player. WITH A RECORDER IN IT! So we both got tapes. I got hits of the 90's and she got a similar one with 'Rise' on it. Mine had new kids on the block, guns and roses and Tom Cochran (life is a highway) on it.

A lot of songs just remind me of 'times' in my life. Like songs I used to listen to driving to Melbourne all those times. 'This years love' by David Gray, 'Sunday morning' by Maroon 5 definitely.

Dire Straights reminds me of Dad particularly 'money for nothing' and 'walk of life' - I think I remember vaguely a trip to Wagga, we must have been really little where we went to a zoo and a goat got one of my sisters gloves. Musn't of been a good zoo is what I'm thinking now. Not if goats were an attraction.

Sniff, 'All these things that I have done' by the Killers reminds me of running because I'd use it to get up that blasted hill near the moonee ponds racecourse.

I can't even get STARTED on the songs of Woodstock Crt. The burnt cds with various punky tunes down in the garage which was always playing if some pool playing and beer sinking was occurring. Oh wow!! 'Hey ya' by outkast - The O-week with the americans!! Best toga party EVER!

'Ride with me' Nelly/John Mayer remix reminds me of opening the lan mine on a Saturday morning because I'd crank that up.

I could be here ALL DAY doing this!!! But I won't. I did think the goat story was funny though.

So everyone, what songs do you associate with things/events? Or, what songs make you happy? What songs do you hate!

- Jen

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Anonymous said...

yeah yeah, $100, i know, rub it in :( Poor old Yoda... Remember how we almost got it bogged under a bridge at Walla Walla? Now THAT woulda taken some 'splaining!
I'll think of some songs later... its 2.00 and I have to be up for rugby in 5 hours. ugh...