Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here comes johnny and he'll tell you the story.. hand me down my walking shoes.

It's no secret that I vote Liberal. Yes there was a brief period of time earlier this year when I thought I might vote Labor (brrr) but then I stopped watching the piece of garbage Sunrise has become, shook my head and remembered that voting Labor would mean change and I don't do change.

I knew Labor would win but I didn't realise how rattled it would make me feel. Remember that I am only 23, I've only been old enough to vote in one other federal election and that John Howard has been PM since I was 11! 11!! I don't know anything else!! I've never experienced this side of a democracy. To me, the party I vote for, or would vote for wins. Ok I don't think democracy is the right word..seeing how everyone votes. But to me, whoever I vote for wins anyway! It's just not right.

So what happens now?

- Jen


Tony said...

Well Jen, if you listened to my dear departed dad the Communists will now take over, the sky will fall in and it will become unsafe to walk the streets. He was lovely, if not a little extreme in his political views.

Daniel Bowen said...

I'll have to paraphrase him, but as the late great Andrew Olle once said to the great viewing public one election night: Don't worry Jen, the sun will still come up again tomorrow.

(Okay, he wasn't addressing you specifically, and didn't say "Jen"...)

jenu said...

Communists you say....interesting..