Sunday, November 18, 2007

Its the stupidest time of the year?

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Saw this in the car park when were out doing some Christmas shopping yesterday. At highpoint of course.

How does someone park like that and then think its okay? Especially when the car on the right of them was within their own lines?

Best stupid thing was in toys r us when I lined up. Queue was moderately annoying not that many people but people with LOTS of stuff. So anyway I line up and there is a kid probably four-ish lying on the floor. Thinking he belonged to the people in front of me, I ignored him. Then this lady pushes past me to reclaim her place in the queue. She used her KID to mind the queue. Her little kid. Yeah okay do it if your kid is a bit older and you forget something but don't put someone that little there!! Then, in contention for mother of the year, when the kid starts whining buy him a sugary drink. That'll work. Guaranteed peace and quiet if they're hopped up on sugar.

Lucky we don't have too much more shopping to do. The man and I aren't buying each other presents this year. Maybe after Christmas at a sale or something. He can buy me a pizza in Italy.

- Jen

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Daniel Bowen said...

heh. Serves you right for Christmas shopping in November! Leave it until the last few weeks, when stupid selfish behaviour from others is no surprise :-)