Sunday, November 25, 2007

When all you want's one more Saturday

Worked at the election yesterday. I was one of those people asking you what your name was and where you lived and then wincing when you told me you lived in Ascot Vale. Unfortuantely part of Maribyrnong Rd is the boundary for our division. Yes, I said 'part of'. Not confusing for people at all.

As I can only hear out of one ear at the moment, even people with really simple surnames were having to write them down for me, ..'oh, SMITH!!'. Not quite that simple but yeah. Anyway the first few hours were hideous because I hadn't had a coffee and apparently now I just don't function well without one. Also because I was thinking how I had the whole rest of the day and most of the night to go.

But then Bill Shorten and a squillion cameras came in, then all of a sudden it was lunchtime, then it was three o'clock and then it was six o'clock and we were counting. The closing up took the longest, we finished counting about 9/9:30 and I still didn't get home until 10:30 (and its only a ten minute walk away). Slightly hungry but too tired to cook anything much so I had porridge.

The man got stuck in a polling place out at Sunshine (I was in moonee ponds) and HE got home at 9:30.

I walked in the door right in time for a news update to see 'labor wins' flash across the screen, 'Howard rings Rudd to concede'. Sigh. It feels like I'm a part of something I'm old enough to remember which is cool.

So this morning I stumbled out of bed at 9AM. Very very tired. Then I talked the man into* breakfast at the pancake parlour for a treat which was very nice but I ate so much I nearly made myself sick. We finally used our discount movie vouchers and I felt so full I couldn't fit in my usual dark chocolate bullets. Very sad.

Well right now I have to go and prepare for a job interview I have next week. Same job I'm doing now, just one level up. Not very exciting.

- Jen

* 'talking into' went something like, 'want to go to the pancake parlour for breakfast'? ...'aw yeah ok'.

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