Monday, November 12, 2007

Tonight.. I'm going to have myself a real good time

So Saturday night (at home by ourselves as per usual). The man gets a call from his friend who was supposed to be coming over to ours to ask whether we'd like to come over to someone elses house in Camberwell. Where's Camberwell was my first question, apparently its near Hawthorn, which didn't help much.

I was dead keen to go, and the man had his 'if you want to go then we'll go' attitude on. Which is code for, 'I don't want to go, its far away, there are new people there, and did I mention its far away'?

So we went.

I'm so glad we did. Hung out with some really awesome people, had some fantastic pizza (apparently not as good as Crust..but I haven't had Crust so I can't judge). Played lots of wii, Excite truck really is buckets of ..excite.

There is another wii night on this week, 'wii' will have to go I think.

So awesome to get out and meet new people.

Pretty sure the man enjoyed himself too. Good pizza helps.

Is Crust really that good??

- Jen


Tony said...

Okay, if we get a Wii and change the bbq to pizza do you think you can drag him to the GF BBQ next year?

Mick said...

Okay, so I tried the crust on church St, and IT WAS INCREDIBLE! The potato-pumpkin ROCKS! I think I am a little too excited about crust...

jenu said...

EVERYONE is excited about crust. I don't geddit. I need to try this 'crust'.

Tony - one problem with your suggestion, if the wii is on the TV..where is the grand final.
Smells like a wii party to me. Its too hard!!