Sunday, November 18, 2007

and its 4 5 6 7 grab your umbrella

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This is what I woke up to this morning. Rain, rain rain!

Big pelting rain. On that tin roof you see there. It was cloudy and so nice and dark in our bedroom for once. Usually everytime you wake up its like getting punched in the face by the sun. It hurts and its not good for your eyes.

So it was difficult getting out of bed.

Just thought I would blog about this because I haven't seen rain like that for ages.

We have noticed a weird parallel between it raining and us going out for Japanese. That's not until tonight but still. Everytime we are going out for Japanese it drizzles. There is no scientific research to back this up. Going to check out Fuji teppanyaki in Mt Alexander Rd. We've given our regular Japanese place the flick because the man has noticed his beef teriyaki getting smaller and smaller...and smaller. The price is the same though. Maybe they're getting tips from Kraft because the new vegemite jars are a scam for sure.

Right now at 11.41 it looks like its about 40 degrees outside and the sun is winding up for a nice right hook. We're off to see 'lions for lambs'. I'd take a lamb over a lion only because I'm not sure how lion would taste. I'm guessing thats not what the movie is about. Does this mean I'll eat Skippy but I won't eat Simba? Interesting.

- Jen

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Leeeeeeena said...

haha, you are a crazy chica