Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come on Eileen

Don't tell the man, I just bought another song off i-tunes. I'm supposed to be waiting for some $70 vouchers he got from somewhere. Except I wanted to blog about my knees and realised we didn't have 'Come on Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners. He he. I'm blogging about knees, running and the song is by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

My sense of humour again? Calm down, the part about Eileen is coming.

So one of my bridesmaids recommended I go and see a bio mechanist  about my knee. You know, the knee I blogged about here and here and here and here and  here  oh and a little bit here.

I could have blogged about it more, but thats all I could find...

Obviously its been a source of worry for me (and pain!) and I've basically given up any hope of running long distances, I'm down to about 1km right now. Anyway so figuring that going to yet another doctor couldn't hurt I went and saw Kahlil  (pronounced Kail) and he told me (this is where Eileen fits in) that my right leg is 8mm longer than my left. 

Come on Eileen - I-lean? Geddit?

He also told me that my knees don't track right. When you run, your knee cap should naturally be in line with your fourth toe, if that makes sense. My knee cap points in. Not even in the ball park of being correct.

I asked Kahlil if there was anything I could do and he said that orthotics will help. GREAT! A solution. Most unexpected. My celebration was cut short by two words. Health Insurance.

Of course, I googled and cursed. Then I rang someone at our health insurer and while they were very nice, they just confirmed what I'd googled. That our insurance doesn't cover it. . 

I don't know if any of you are orthotics valuers but they are not cheap. I figured that orthotics just went in my runners, so when I run, my knees point the right way. But no! Apparently its important my knees point the right way - all the time! Who knew! So instead of one pair, I need (kneed?) two.

I even tried doing MATHS and worked out it wasn't even worth upgrading our insurance to cover orthotics. $300 a month for health insurance! They must have rocks in their heads. Also - waiting periods

With a wedding coming up all purchases are being carefully scruitinised. Unfortunately orthotics fell squarely into the category of 'things that would be nice to have or are needed eventually - but can be postponed until after the wedding'. That category is a mouthful.

Just when all hope was lost - someone checked his list, not once - but twice and realised I'd been more nice than naughty this year and so Santa Claus came to the party with a gift voucher for orthotics.

Thank you Santa. 

The man - I think the $1.69 was well spent. 

- Jen

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Andrew said...

While I don't exactly know what orthotics are, I hope they are not really thick stockings.