Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is going to the dogs.

It's not really, but the Eels song of the same title has been in my Christmas carols playlist and I wanted to use it.

I had a nice enough Christmas, it was strange being separated from the man. For numerous reasons he went to his family and I went to mine. Mainly that I'm on call for work this week so I had to be back here on boxing day and he wanted to spend some more time with his family.

Mum came down on the 23rd so we could go and visit my sister the next day and brought with her my 'Christmas Turkey' - see video below. You should watch it, its freaking hilarious. Could be my sense of humour, but I doubt it.

We left to visit my sister early on Christmas Eve and one interesting addition to the trip was a 'tom-tom' (sat nav system) Mum had borrowed. She's named it Shaun because of its irish accent and good old Shaun was actually really handy. If the three wise men had of had Shaun it would have made their trip a whole lot easier. Back at home we had the usual seafood dinner of prawns, oysters and crusty bread rolls. 

After dinner I actually went to 9:30 mass with Nan which was nice. I usually love going to Mass at Christmas, but I should either go earlier or on Christmas day because all the little kids must have been in bed. Fr Kevin started talking about direction, and finding your way and that sometimes you get lost and its hard to find your way. Which made me giggle when I thought about Shaun, so I tried to whisper to Nan that he should get a tom-tom. Except Nan's getting a little bit hard of hearing and said "WHAT" so I said "he should get A TOM-TOM" and then Nan laughed when she'd figured it out. Which made me laugh more. 

I am very lucky because 'Santa' gave me a gift voucher for orthotics (I just realised I haven't blogged about this yet). The post will no doubt be a rant about what is the point of health insurance. But anyway. 

The man also snuck 'Twilight' the book and some lindt dark chocolate bars in, when we weren't supposed to be giving each other presents this year. I haven't got him anything, which he's probably happy about. 

Christmas lunch was great. After lunch when Dad and Grandpa went off to have their snoozes 'my sort of kind of cousin' Josh and I started playing tug a war with Tammy my parents enormous black lab. MUM suggested making it more interesting by adding in Dad's old desk chair on wheels. Hopefully I can get the video of me being pulled around by the dog. Hopefully none of you will report me to the RSPCA. Besides, I'm light and the dogs huge. 

I came back on the XPT on boxing day afternoon and just about finished Twilight on the train. It wasn't a bad book and I know why teenage girls rave about Edward Cullen. 

That's about it for Christmas.

- Jen

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