Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's better than gout.

So I went to the physio today about my knee -referred from my great doctor who is mystified about the lack of anything on my MRI results, but still the obvious pain he is able to inflict on me just by pressing on a certain part of my knee.

The physio's first job was to make my knee hurt again to work out what exactly it was and as Harry thought it's my illiotibial band or Runner's Knee. But wow...the pain!!! Excrutiating!! A good pain I guessbecause it made my knee hurt again and the physio could work out what was going on. Funny how its actually in my thigh but my knee hurts.

So I have lots of stretches to do and the man has orders to inflict similar pain on my leg over the next few days...I saw a little glimmer of something in his eyes when I told him that. I mean giving someone a massage can sometimes be a little tedious but a massage where you get to be rough and cause pain!!

All in all I suppose its better than gout.

- Jen

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