Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lindt Kittens

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I know the chocolate bunnies are good but what about cats? The non-chocolate variety?

I've had chocolate cravings for a good couple of weeks now and because we're on the budget (this should be in red fiery letters) we've stopped buying the 2-3 blocks of family cadbury we normally do. The craving hasn't been satisfied with dark chocolate either, nope I've been craving milk chocolate. Today I remembered the lindt bunnies we've had in the back of the fridge since last easter and went halves in one with the man. Craving satisifed! The chocolate wasn't even white either.

I've been good* all week and been going to the gym lots and after my 'ordeal' at the physio I needed SOMETHING.

Bring on the weekend for a chocolate fest though. Oh and how good is this ad. Hank the kitten!

*I'm good ALL the time....I'm very healthy.

Except for the copious amounts of chocolate.

- Jen

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