Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Money Hungry

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The man and I went shopping last night. A pretty regular thing we do being one of those couples that eats. Anyway we only went to the supermarket to get vegies and some steak, we were tired after our big weekend and figured we'd shop on Tuesday night.

So there were were picking up our regular beans, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and cauliflower when I glanced at the price of cauliflower. I thought $8.00 a kg was a bit steep for cauliflower until I realised it was $8.00 - for ONE cauliflower.

Certain we were both going to die in the near future , broke and vegetable-less we examined our cheap vegetable eating options.

Cabbage is cheap! MMM cabbage! Who doesn't like cabbage!

But $8.00 for one cauliflower? Not happening. I'm sorry to say in this case the cheap easter chocolates won out. We've stopped buying chocolate as part of the budget and this looked like a cheap solution for the man's cravings for a couple of weeks (okay, a few days). How we justified paying $15 for, well I suppose a lot of chocolate over an $8.00 cauli I don't know.

- Jen

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