Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cause the chase is all you know, and she stopped running months ago

Its no secret that I take my fitness pretty seriously. I've been going to the gym regularly since January 2007 (see here) and after quitting my Maribyrnong gym and going to the one in the building I work in, I'm more 'addicted'. I've been thinking lately that I go too much and that I should cut back. At the moment I'm going once a week day doing different classes like spin, boxing and circuit with a day of weights. But when I sat down and thought about it I didn't want to quit any of my classes. Its also a social thing now too and there is a whole bunch of us that are in the same classes and we've got a pretty good friendship thing happening. A group of us were talking about it the other day how you spend all day in an office and it feels good to do something else and socialise with people who have similar interests.

I've made friends with my friday morning trainer and yesterday he invited me to come to a bootcamp type of thing he runs with his partner on Saturday mornings. Its a four week course called 'crunch and grunt'.This was the last week of the program so they were doing fitness tests comparing their scores to when they started.
I was really nervous but went along to Fawkner park this morning at 7:45am. I was pleasantly surprised by four other 'grunties' who weren't at all scary looking and who were very easy to talk to. There were chin ups and push ups and dips and sit ups and then...there was the beep test.

I haven't done the beep test since high school and it was still as boring and evil as I remembered. I'd hoped to do better than I did, an 8 (2 shuttles), and I could have done more probably a 9 or a bit more. For some reason I just stopped! But anyway I looked it up when I got home and 8 is pretty good. Then there was push ups, squat jumps, hill running, pull ups, more running etc for another 40 minutes.

So I think I might sign up for the next Crunch session in a few weeks, or maybe the one after. We've got weddings and 21sts in March so a bit busy! Although 7.45am on a Saturday morning frees up the rest of the day!

I don't know where the fitness thing came from because you wouldn't call our family sporty at all. Its hard to explain why its fun because describing it to people makes it sound like hell, but fun it is. I don't have a hobby and I work a lot so having something to do that I enjoy outside of work, that also keeps me fit can't be a bad thing.

Never fear jentopia readers, I'm still hopelessly addicted to coffee and dark chocolate. Yay for easter and dark chocolate lindt bunnies!

- Jen


Anonymous said...

So glad you mentioned chocolate and Easter. I have been meaning to ask you for ages. Is the Chocolate Easter egg in your bedroom (still in wrapper) with Beanies, sentimental or something, or can I throw it out? Love Mum.

jenu said...

No, you can throw it out!

Anonymous said...

One Easter egg, Use By Date 30/9/2006 - now gone. Yippee!