Thursday, February 07, 2008

There is change, there is pace - and nothing is in its place.

I've been having a hell of a time at work lately, both good and bad kinds. Hell as in busy but interesting and even fun sometimes. Then there is also the hell when you have to just grin and bear it and go with the flow, which I'm not particularly good at.

We found out we might be moving to a different office which would mean I'd get to work about 8 minutes quicker but its on the other side of the city from my gym and favourite coffee haunt. I don't like change and would prefer to stay where I am, with the nice view and sunshiny window desk.

But what can you do. The fun and interesting parts of work are keeping me where I am and I know that for an almost 24 yr old I'm doing pretty well. Also realising that as much as people think age affects older people at work, it also has some influence for younger people. Clients can see that I'm young but it was only when I got talking to one the other day that they were shocked about how young.

Everything changes everyday from my job security to the work I'm doing and its starting to get me down a bit. But like I said, the fun and interesting parts are keeping me in it.

I had lunch today with my two work mates and we worked out there were three generations sitting at the table. Knowing how old I am, you figure out how old the other two were. And we all work together. Probably the fun part in the 'fun and interesting'.

Anyway I came home early to go and see a movie with the man who I feel like I hardly see anymore. Except he's still at work playing with mousies. So I thought I'd organise our contents insurance and had a very informative and enjoyable conversation with some guy at AAMI who sold me $372 of insurance. Would have been $525 if we didn't have our car insurance with them. There must be some wriggle room in insurance premium quotes... the man probably would have got it for $100 cheaper but I'm not as smooth a talker and our other insurance had already expired. Naughty busy people we are.

- Jen
p.s. Also screw you Commonwealth Bank. When our fixed rate is up we're going elsewhere. Probably. Maybe.

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Andrew said...

AAMI was very cheap for house contents insurance but hideously expensive for car insurance. I guess you pay one way or the other.