Saturday, February 02, 2008

Review - Cafe Fidama

After this mornings tough but awesome effort we jumped in a couple of cars and went over to Yarraville for breakfast. Cafe Fidama to be precise. Wasn't bad but not great either. I was still very much cooling down so didn't have a coffee, just the salsa eggs on english muffins. I enquired about the type of bread they had not wanting to get some hideously evil spongey white bread appearing on my plate. I cannot stand white bread, bleccch. The waitress told me they only had sourdough bread, but I think she got confused by the table's look of dismay (about no wholegrain) so she added 'its smothered in butter'. Funny. Service wasn't great either. Yarraville was really nice though, its been awhile since I've been there and I forgot about all the cool cafes.

I didn't hate it but I'm betting Yarraville has much better to offer.

- Jen

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A W Malloy said...

Hey Jen,

a couple minutes further will get you to The Famous Blue Raincoat - they have great breakfasts!

I think you can find your way by now :)