Saturday, February 23, 2008

I heart pushups...

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I signed up for the four week 'crunch and grunt' training I mentioned earlier this month. It started this morning at 7:45am down at South Melbourne beach and being punctuality pete I got there at 7:10am (time of photo).

Looks nice doesn't it? Well it was not nice.

It. was. freezing!

I grabbed a jumper on the way out the door and its lucky I did otherwise, well otherwise I would have been even colder!!

Once the others got there though and we did our warm up of running down the beach and back I started to feel warmer (funny that). After what seemed like kilometers of walking lunges, kilometers of walking lunges + carrying sand filled water cooler bottles, pushups, dragging sand filled bottles, shoulder pressing sand bottles and of course burpees....I was ready to go for a swim, well almost.

Got my 'I heart pushups' t-shirt as well. Awesome.

And no Mum and Dad I still do not know where the fitness thing came from. Must have skipped quite a few generations.

I didn't mention on the way there how much I enjoyed the tram trip (#1 tram to the end of the Sth Melbourne Beach line) it was great seeing another part of Melbourne.

Afterwards we went to the South Melbourne Market for coffee. I kept an eye out for Tony and Mr High Riser. Of course I'm not sure what Mr HR looks like so that was difficult. But finally I've been to the South Melbourne Market! And no I did not get a dim sim.

One of the other 'grunties' was kind enough to drop me back at Flinders St making it extremely easy for me to get home. Starting to feel pretty sore now but am blogging because there is doof doof music coming from someones apartment and I can't sleep. Only 33 minutes until I'm 'allowed' to go and complain.

- Jen

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Andrew said...

Aw Jen, a visit to the market and no dim sim? By the sound of it, you earnt at least one.