Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's biliousness as usual in my corner of the kitchen

Last night was my sisters 21st. Was the most fun we've had on a Saturday night in ages!

It was a nice intimate party in Ballarat and we knew most of my sisters friends except for the alcohol vultures. Also got to meet the new boyfriend who was obviously packing it. He lived though. For now.

Speeches were good and then the man and I had to light the sparklers on the cake. Doesn't sound dangerous. But try as I might I could not get the thing to light! I think it was Dad who pointed out I was trying to light the wrong end. In the midst of the howls of laughter I turned the sparkler around and grabbed hold of the other end. The end I'd just spent five minutes applying a flame to.

It. was. hot!

I got more laughter instead of sympathy though. Everythings harder when tequila is involved. There was lots of shots. Its funny enough doing shots with your mother but even Nan got talked into having one!

We went out after and found ourselves at some pub where we found some articles of clothing someone had left on the floor. Following the rule that if its on the floor its yours* we acquired some warmer garments for our stumble to the next pub. Oh and bouncers still check my ID. Unlike the man who barely gets looked at.

After too many watermelon and vodka slices the man and I headed home. We walked about a block too far past our motel before we realised nothing looked familiar but we found our way back eventually. This morning my sister regaled us with tales of her not quite voluntary removal from the pub. Think there was a tantrum involved.

She also really liked her present of diving with the sharks, which will be another fun weekend. We get to drop her in a tank of sharks and take pictures!!

Now the man and I are back home having a very gentle Sunday afternoon. No sudden movements and we should be okay.

Oh! And good news, we finally used the camera! Pictures are on facebook if anyone is interested.

- Jen

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Anonymous said...

Biliousness has one 'L'. Nice work with the sparkler too, you clown ;)