Sunday, March 30, 2008

He ain't heavy he's my brother

Like I mentioned in my last post Jase got me the Juno soundtrack for my birthday, along with a book and a card which he posted to me. Something he went to all the trouble to do, even though now he's probably living off the mushrooms in his hair because he can't afford to eat.

I was so surprised that I cried, because its nice to come home after a rough day at work to find someone has been thinking about you.

The worst part is I felt awful because I didn't get him anything for his birthday! I have been thinking about it and Jase I still don't know what to get you. What do you get someone who just acquired a Macbook?

It was while I was back in Albury just before Easter that my Nan defined exactly what Jase and I's relationship is. We were talking about one of my sisters friends and how they aren't in a relationship but they spend a lot of time together and care about each other. Nan said 'you know, its like you and Jason, like a brother'.

And that's exactly what he is. For a brother I think he's exceptionally nice. We've only had one argument over the doing the dishes which for a brother I think is pretty good. If he was a girl he'd be a bridesmaid at my wedding - and I still haven't ruled out putting him in a dress.

Even if we hardly see each other anymore, and we keep missing each other online, and we can't talk on the phone because we're both hopeless at it, we're still best mates.

So Jase, thankyou for my birthday present. I hope you aren't living off the mushies in your hair for too long.

- Jen

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