Thursday, March 20, 2008

But we can start again, you can depend on it

As I mentioned in my last post, big changes are afoot in the Unsworth/Fankhauser household. Namely that we don't have a house. This afternoon we sold our apartment.

I know. We also only have a short amount of time before we are homeless and I have to start picking people on my blogroll to live with. You guys all like cats right?

Basically someone offered us a 'tidy sum' for the place and its enough to pay off the mortgage, the brand new car we bought last year and solve our body corporate issues. Oh and still have more than enough left over to build savings for our next property adventure.

We're not sure what that is right now. Maybe we'll build, maybe we'll just save like the devil and buy again. We don't know where or when. It will involve property though.

We don't have to worry any more about body corporate problems and VCAT, I can sleep at night without thundering hooves overhead or the Moonee Ponds Cinema Centre on the other side of our bedroom wall. We also don't have to worry about interest rates.

It wasn't an easy decision. Almost everyone we asked hinted we shouldn't sell while at the same time saying 'its up to you guys though'. There were so many tears, firstly about which decision to make and then after I'd said 'okay I think we should sell', which came out like 'blubbblubbokayblubbblubbsniffthinkweshouldblubbsell', because I felt so sad because as much as we don't like living in an apartment its our home. The home we brought the little kittens back to, that I finished the grad program in, that the man proposed to me in, that the housemate used to live in... alright well it is just a home. But still.

In the end we decided that we can make a profit, we'll be happier without being so stressed about money (already I feel better), and we're so young. I'm not even 24 for another thirteen days!

The cats are going to freak out. God help us when we have a backyard.

Haven't signed the contract of sale yet, still organising section 32s etc. But it seems to be easier than I expected*.

Right now though I can't think anymore about it because I'm too tired...

- Jen

* This is going to come back and bite me I can just tell.


Daniel Bowen said...

heh. OK, faintly amusing you've sold up just as a report showed rentals are harder to get than ever. But good for you if you got a good deal out of it - you can make your next move when you're ready.

Raelene said...

I was actually wondering what you'd be doing with a cinema opening up right there. It may seem like a nice idea to live so close, but... well, it's sooo close and so loud and noisy and with those damn tap dancers upstairs... Ugh!
I think you've made the right decision for you now. Well done! Here's to finding somewhere to live for now until you figure out what your next home will be. If you decide to build, come chat with us, as we're going through that now and might be able to help out! :)

Andrew said...

Exciting times ahead. I did not realise you had so many issues where you lived. It is the right decision because you made it.

Ren said...

How exciting though! And it must be a relief to be free of debt for a time too. :)

I wish someone would offer something ridiculous for the shitbox I live in but alas... it'll never happen.