Monday, March 31, 2008

Pretend like its the weekend now, and we could pretend it all the time

Thank you to all my Happy Birthday well wishers. Wish wellers?

Anyway, I had a really nice 24th birthday, didn't go to work so I slept in until 7:30am when the future in-laws rang to wish me happy birthday. Then the man decided as he was late for work already and he was still snotty he'd stay home. So I got my present - a whiz bang heart rate monitor early. It does all kinds of cool things. Mostly I just stayed in bed for three hours looking at it. I burned a whole 200 calories doing that.

After that tough workout we went to the pancake parlour for breakfast where I had my favourite bavarian apple buckwheat pancakes with ice-cream. And a hot chocolate.

Then we went to see a movie and stupidly picked 'be kind, rewind' - worst movie ever. It is in negative stars, star debt. Next time I go to the movies they should give ME money. When will I learn about Jack Black movies. Mind you the only other two we had narrowed down were Drillbit Taylor which is probably awful (when will I learn about Owen Wilson) and Vantage Point, which could be good but probably isn't. I'm a movie pessimist.

This afternoon we went and checked out a place for rent, along with half of the western suburbs. There was at least twenty people there. It was like a really boring house party. We'll still apply and see what happens. Do we mention we own Super Furry Animals? We're not sure.
Thinking about building. But lack of public transport would kill us. I'd get so fit though, walking from somewhere like Caroline Springs. I could give up going to the gym and just walk to work.

Anyway I'm still feeling rotten, but definitely better. I'll take another day off but then have to be back on Wednesday because I'm going down to Gippsland for the day. Will be a big day out on the road.

After the lamb roast the man cooked me for dinner he brought me out a little chocolate mudcake for dessert. Very nice!!

See, look how sick I look. I should email this into work instead of getting a doctors certificate. All pale and sickly looking I am.
....Schroddy has eyes only for cake.
- Jen


A W Malloy said...

Sorry for the belatedness of the belated birthday wishes, happy birthday Jen.

Craig & Bonzo said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Get well soon.