Sunday, March 30, 2008

I had 15 people telling me to move, I got moving on my mind

So circumstances as they are we will be renting. Its only just through the hours I've spent trawling through that I realise how awful real estate ads are. I do mean hours too...

Phrases like 'affordable in todays market' or 'previously a takeaway shop' slap me in the face as I write down phone numbers and agents names. Some are in such a good location and are so ridiculously cheap that you just have to click on the ad to check it out. Oh yep there we go, charming place with mysterious stain on the wall..and carpet. Lack of roof makes this villa with surrounding swamp irresistible. Well I made that up, but I'm sure I could find it.

Our problem is that we have to be close to (within walking distance of) public transport, has to be able to take pets and has to be less than $350 per week. Preferably, no actually this is not negotiable - it cannot be a suburb ending in the word 'meadows'.

I've got a huge list now to work with, lots of okay places in Brunswick actually, and Coburg. Few in Phlegmington and Pascoe Vale. One in Essendon.

I do regret forgetting about shiny new things like bathrooms and kitchens but after the man and I had to sleep in the lounge room last night because someone was having a party and it kept us (..well me) up, I still think we're doing the right thing. It would also be really really cool to build a house someday.

Besides like one of my friends said rental places are nothing a bottle of bleach won't fix.

I have only been looking west though, not east Melbourne at all. Although I am looking into Coburg/Brunswick so I'm getting there. Sort of. At least I'm getting good with my suburbs. I'm still hanging out to try Crust pizza so maybe if we moved close to one of those..

I would be happy if we got a place where the cats could go outside, even if its only while we are home. They fight all the time now, and while it is fun to watch and even though they're just playing (there goes Schroddy hissing now) it would be nice for them to be able to run around outside. Schroddy hisses so much its like living with a particularly vocal viper.

Anyway I'm off to bed, I am pretty sure I am taking tomorrow (my birthday!) off because I feel rotten with this cold and last time I went to work sick they sent me home anyway. Of course I'm due for my flu shot next week.

- Jen


bente said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Andrew said...

Ditto, happy birthday Jen. Bugger work, it is your birthday.