Monday, March 17, 2008

Something fishy about this

This is my Nan's smoked cod which we have every Easter. This weekend just gone I went back to Albury and seeing as Mum and I won't be there for next weekend we had our Good Friday lunch a few days early.
Dad chose( as he does every year) not to join us. Something about his gag reflex. I did very well this year, no bones to Mum's four. Clearly I am the favourite.

It was just about breakfast for me as I went out on Saturday night and also had a late night on Thursday night so a sleep in was in order. Apparently a cinema complex has opened in our apartment building and shows action movies until the early hours of the morning. I could do a whole sarcastic post about how wonderful it is. I'm not sure what other times they show movies but it seems to me that they just show them when I go to bed. I wonder if they have popcorn?
Alright well thats about half a post just there.
I apologise for the lack of posting but I have been very busy and something had to get put on hold, so far its been blogging and exercising. Up until the end of March is just going to be flat out and if I have time later I'll blog about why.

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Andrew said...

Ah yeah, the fish on Good Friday thing. Must remember my partner does not eat red meat on GF. We were at a barbe one year and he forgot for a moment and had to spit a sausage out. I don't mind a bit of smoked cod. Smells the place up though.