Saturday, February 09, 2008

Checkout chick on a power trip

After I finished buying some fruit and vegies this morning at the market near our place I stopped by Coles to pick up the necessities for tonights 'mexican' dinner (tacos). I don't think I looked like a criminal although I did look like a bit of a bogan I suppose. Trackies, rugby jumper and cons. I think I looked like any other yuppie on a Saturday morning.

So anyway the checkout chick is scanning my cereal, nescafe blend 43, eggs, chocolate bavarian, mango and the mexican stuff I actually went in there for when she asks to see my bags. Fair enough so I willingly showed her the bacon and the fruit & vegies I'd got from the market.

THEN she wants to see a receipt. I found the receipt for the bacon in my purse but couldn't find the one for the vegies (I actually don't think they gave me one). THEN she told me that next time I had to have my receipt blah blah blah blah blah blah. I felt like saying "does this enormous nice FRESH looking lettuce and these nice ripe red tomatoes look like they come from your store"? Far out, if they had nicer produce in Coles I would have bought it there in the first place! But of course I didn't say anything just went red (I think) and didn't say a word to her.

If it wasn't for the fact Coles is literally across the road I'd shop at Safeway (a block away).

End Coles rant.....for now.
- Jen

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bente said...

You totally should have said that to her!