Saturday, February 09, 2008

Maybe get a blister on your little finger, maybe get a blister on your thumb

I actually thought Dire Straights 'money for nothing' had more to do with microwaves for some reason. Thats why my post was supposed to be about but googling the lyrics, the song seems to be about delivery of home appliances not the appliances themselves.


Our microwave is growling at us. I thought it had always made the noise when the man mentioned it to me. But lately when microwaving things I'm becoming more and more freaked out by the noise. I sure wouldn't be using it if I was pregnant but so far my third eye has been more help than hindrance. I actually suspect the microwave is uprising against its use to heat three day old McDonalds cheeseburgers not to mention melting vegemite and cheese onto cruskits. I for one don't blame it. I just wish it didn't growl at me. Doesn't it know that I'm also against these things? They stink - for one, and two well its just not normal is it? IS IT?

Neither is eating McNuggets in packs greater than 12 (oh yes they do sell them in 20 packs). But these are things that I've resigned myself to accepting. Grudgingly. I'm going to be mad if I have to donate my heart because someone's is too full of cheeseburger to pump any blood.

Maybe a new mentally stronger microwave is in order. I wonder what they run at these days. Ours is so small that it only just fits a dinner plate in it. I bought it when I moved out of home but I suspect that for a microwave that its not had a particularly long life. My argument currently is (while I sit here sipping my microwaved hot milo) is that we don't need a microwave. My other half, thats the three day old cheeseburger fiend) disagrees.

We'll see. It's turning into the vacuum thing (sp?). Once it gets too loud I'll stop using it completely.

- Jen


bente said...

You can pick a microwave up for pretty cheap (relatively speaking) these days.

Personally I wouldn't want to live without one even though I don't use ours everyday.

Daniel Bowen said...

Actually the song's about the point of view of people who have to work hard for a living, being miffed that rock stars get their "money for nothing, and their chicks for free" :-)

Yeah, microwaves are pretty cheap these days... basic ones are less than $100, so it's worth considering upgrading if yours is looking a bit dodgy!