Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Seedier than a bird aviary.

So Monday night was the event turtle-lips and I have been hanging out for "big cup night" up at Falls Creek. After scouring Albury for a "big cup" (we found a nice 2L model, no spout, no measurements, and with a handle).
We headed up Monday afternoon and while we waited for best friend to finish work we had a beer at the Bogong Hotel, then headed into Mt Beauty.
After turning down a warm beer at best friends house and drinking lots of water to eliminate a headbuster of a headache that was building, we grabbed some dinner then headed up the mountain.
We took a [sarcasm] leisurely stroll [/sarcasm] through the snow to reach "The Man" (no not the man unfortuantely) where we proceeded to the bar only to have them tell us that they wouldn't fill up our big cups because they were "plastic". Much grumbling from me ensued with turtle-lips dumping half his cup into mine leaving me with the impression that he has never poured a beer in his life!
I was especially annoyed that they would fill up other people's thermoses (plural?) and not our cups. Apparently they also discriminate between different types of plastic.
After discovering the [sarcasm] wonders of a "jager bomb" [/sarcasm] I ended up being very very VERY intoxicated. A little help from turtle-lips was needed for forward motion in the legs (aka walking) and we headed home..

I awoke the next morning to a somewhat embarrassing question from best friend. "Does your mouth taste like spew". I mean my mouth always feels nasty after a night out so I didn't question it. Until I saw what look somewhat like a chicken schnitzel roll...and smelt a little bit like jagermeister.
Oh dear.

Anyway I'm in melbourne and we are off to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory...gotta run


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jase said...

I think both of us are too knackered to do a post that does this even justice!
Have fun in melbs! I posted to, but I still have to finish it off.