Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How to throw up on your friends (get away with it) and influence peple

This is the official Jen "how to " guide part one: "How to throw up on your friends (get away with it) and influence people.

1. Do not answer yes to any question the same or similar to: "Does it taste like spew in your mouth?"
2. Do not admit to fact that you had a dream about throwing up (previous no-puking while drinking records will be deemed invalid)
3. Do not attempt to blame said "puke" on only other friend sleeping next to you...when they know they haven't done it.
4. NEVER EVER drink jagermeister (sp?) and red bull...separately OR together!

Unfortuantely for me, I failed all 4 of the above steps....and so have resigned myself to being known as "Jen - the girl who threw up on her best friend". Yes you read that correctly, I threw up on best friend as if this relationship needed anymore "help"

All should be well, have washed doona cover, sheets and will get the doona dry cleaned.
There is one thing I am glad of...that I have already turned 21 and will not have to endure best friend making a speech involving the time I threw up on her and for that I can be truly grateful.


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