Sunday, May 13, 2007

When the whole world fits inside of your arms...

Tomorrow the man and I will have been together three years. We've almost been living together properly for a year - and now we're engaged. I can remember meeting him at Crown Casino which is just so tacky and be fair I wasn't living in Melbourne then. Then the day after he came and met up with us, at highpoint no less (so the tackiness continued). Later that afternoon back in the city for some reason he pulled me out of the car (we were passengers don't worry!) and we danced in the middle of an intersection. I must have thought he was alright because I slipped my phone number into his back pocket when we left to drive back to Albury but he ended up writing his number on it and giving it back to me. I still have it!

A couple of weeks later after some emails and I think a couple of awkward phone calls he came down to visit... Trent (his mate). We went out with a big group of our friends (to the Termo - R.I.P ) I think it was a bit awkward but I can distinctly remember going home (to woodstock crt!) and doing a little jig around my room thinking - I really like this guy! The next day we met up again and then he 'accidentally' missed his train home so he had to stay another night. He was staying at Trent's - who was at the time going out with my friend Liz, they had disappeared leaving us to watch Pirates of the Carribbean - and have our first kiss (awww).

And here we are.

I love you the man +1 for everytime you say it.

I really wanted to use 'Happy Birthday Helen's' - 'These three years now just gone' as the title of this post but its got the point where I can't remember what songs I've used for what and sure enough when I googled I'd already used that. Disappointing! In fact I've probably told the story of us meeting etc before too. But its my blog and I'm allowed-ter!

Lots of updates to jentopia on the way!

- Jen

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