Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A bad day

Yesterday was so awful I couldn't even blog about it. The night before had not ended well with noisy neighbours daring to walk around upstairs (more on that later), so I'd slept badly. Then when I was rushing around getting ready for work, one of the cats puked all over the floor. Work was extremely hectic, I started at 7am, didn't eat lunch until 2pm because I was so busy. I left thinking 'I bet this is how Ren feels everyday! Left at 6:30pm and the guard said 'hope you've got an umbrella - it's pouring out there'. No, I do NOT HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!

Then all the trains were delayed for some reason and I was left standing on the platform in the cold for TWELVE LONG LONG AWFUL minutes. Twelve doesn't sound long but it was c-o-l-d.

When I get home upstairs is having a raging good time 'walking' around and I finally cracked and went up there to talk to them. Its hard to articulate just how annoying it is continually hearing the sound of high heels on a tiled floor is above your head. But I got there eventually.

After dinner I was very tired and just wanted to go to bed. But high heels upstairs had either not passed on the message to the rest of the apartment or had written me off as some kind of high heel hating lunatic (more probable).
The noise and thudding of people running around upstairs continued until 1:30am when I turned into the incredible hulk (well the incredible lean mass) and changed out of my bunny pj's (thanks easter bunny) and into trackies, cleaned my teeth - I'm a hygenic and caring angry lean mass, and stormed upstairs. Even from the lift I could hear the racket they were making and could hear them shouting about how drunk they were.

Yay-for-you -I-would-like-to-be-drinking-and-having-fun-too-except-I-have-to-get-up-for work-in-FOUR-HOURS.

I knocked on the door...five times and it was finally dragged open by a confused girl who looked as if she was thinking 'wow man deja vu'. I tried again to mention that them running makes it sound like they're going to topple through the ceiling and she did apologise but again looked at me like I was crazy. Of course by now I had bed hair and was pale with blood shot eyes...so I looked ...like anyone else who is sleep deprived.

I finally got back into bed only to discover...they hadn't listened at all. In fact, I think they might have put the high heels back on.

So this morning, after feeling like my eyes were going to fall out of my head from three nights of HELL I rang the real estate I suspected they were leasing from. And they're going to send them a letter. I didn't ask how exactly they were going to word 'walk softly and stop wearing heavily soled shoes on your kitchen floor' in a letter but good luck to them. Actually the agent was really cool and said to call back in a week if we're having the same problem. After I hung up I realised in shock that I've turned into my Nan. It won't be long now before I'm ringing up to complain about that ad where the guys nipples grow long and start spinning frisbee's.

I hate that ad, where are my slippers?

- Jen

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Raelene said...

Heh, tis ok, you haven't quite turned into a Nana - you actually changed out of PJs into trackies to confront them. A Nana wouldn't have bothered. Hahem, and yes, neither would I have :)