Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pinky and The Brain

Well where to begin? I will begin where all good stories start. At the beginning.
This week started out very slowly, the days packed with uni, reading for uni, writing for uni, and generally being a study freak. Until Thursday night. Thursday night I picked up the man from the train station, and took him to Beechworth to stay at a secluded romatic location for the night. It turned out to be the first time I have ever managed to surprise him in...1 year and almost 5 months. So that was good. Friday we drove over to Wangaratta to see the man's niece who was 3 days old at the time. Her name is Abi Rose and she is very cute. She was having a check up but she should be okay. After that we headed back to Albury and went to dinner at Baz 'n' Rels house which was really good. Except I'm a bit worried about one of our friends, Trent. He used to be this outgoing, excited guy..and now, he looks really sad and not very chirpy.
Anyway...Friday night we hit the hay early because Saturday was "Snow Day". We got up at 6:00am, shoveled in some breakfast (I carbo loaded up on Nutri Grain), and hit the road. We stopped at Mt Beauty for some ski hire and then drove up to Falls Creek. Now see the thing is people say I stress a lot. In preparation for this day at the snow I rang up the hire place a few days prior to our adventure and let them know the time we were coming and the amount of people, checked they had the bindings first timers (and myself) could use easily etc etc. A lot of people especially turtle-lips, I think thought this was unneccessary. Just like how I said 8 people, 8 snowboards and everyone's gear would not fit in two cars (did anyone listen?) ..luckily we COULD get magnetic roof racks (because I knew they existed). It bothers me that a lot of people seem to think days like Saturday just happen. I don't mean to be pedantic. But a little bit of organisation goes a long way. By booking the snow gear it meant we were given priority service, it meant we were guaranteed snowboards, and we ended up getting 10% off, plus it's just courtesy to the place to let them know that 8 people are going to come storming in at 7:30am. So it annoys me when people brush off little things like basic organisation. It just makes life so much easier if you spend 5 minutes doing something like that. I bit my tongue when I wanted to organise a meeting place after our snowboard lessons, and what happened? turtle-lips and I ended up waiting 1/2 an hour for the rest of our group to not turn up. I mean we met up again later but a simple "yep we will meet you back here at 12 after our lessons" would have sufficed. Of course again, I'm being silly and pedantic, but hey thats just me I guess.
So ANYWAY we got to Falls at about 9:00, had our lessons...eventually met up and then had a brilliant day. All those nay sayers telling me the weather would be bad (yes thats you Mr Bureau of Meterology) were wrong and the weather was fine. I didn't crack it too bad apart from the having to wait thing as I usually do when I get frustrated but the man did! I got told to F&$^$ off, when I was waiting for him after a stack he had, but took it in my stride and he apologised later.
We finished up at about 4:30, went down to the country club to say hey to best friend who was working. While we're on the topic of best friend I have to say, she has been fantastic lately. She seems to be getting along with the man and she was nothing short of brilliant in the snow as our "instructor" for the afternoon.
Today the man and I had an awesome sleep in (and we were VERY sore after boarding). I opened my eyes finally to find the man staring down at me. Fully expecting the "good morning beautiful", I got instead "you look like you have downs syndrome". nice. My face was so sunburnt that my eyes were all swollen and puffy. So mum and the man had a good old laugh at my expense. Luckily its gone down a lot now, but I'm still very pink, lending to the nickname "Pinky and The Brain" - the brain being the man.
Well he's back on the train, and I'm a bit sad. I have a lot of assignments coming up, so I won't see him for awhile...
I suppose I should go get some study done for tonight.



jase said...

Theres no need to stress. Im sure we could have fitted the snowboards in somehow and gotten up there. Still, always nice to have one stresshead in the group so it all runs smoothly ;)

jenu said...

"Im sure we could have fitted the snowboards in somehow" this is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Why have to worry about fitting them in SOMEHOW, when 5 minutes of planning took care of hiring roof racks instead? You know you are going to be exhausted after a day at the snow, why be uncomfortable jammed up against wet snowgear when planning can take care of that?

jenu said...

That sounded harsh..I didn't mean it like that....I just like to be organised.....and you don't...which is fine.... :)