Sunday, October 08, 2006

The recruit

The recruit
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Yesterday I went out to the Simpson Barracks with a couple of friends from work, one of whom is in the army reserves for 'mates rates'. I have to admit I was more than a little apprehensive at the beginning (having never marched anywhere before) but as the day went on I actually had a lot of fun.

Before lunch we'd sampled some food from a rations pack (4 yr + old chocolate anyone?), had our weapons training and I'd decided there was no way I was joining the army. The video about Kapooka they showed right before lunch made my mind up for me. They want me to march HOW FAR with a pack HOW HEAVY on my back?

After lunch we went down to the indoor shooting range, where we put our training from the morning into practice. We had to shoot in the unsupported, prone position (lying down but supporting the gun) and shoot at targets. I had a bit of trouble with the sight to begin with so I didn't think I was doing very well, but when the results came back I actually passed. The reserves there were shooting to meet a certain level (which I met). So I was pretty excited!

It was really nice just to get outside for the day!! I got rid of that pale 'I work in an office' look for a day. So -definitely not joining but beware, if anyone gives me a hard time - I'm a good shot.

- Jen


Mike said...

I'm guessing you must have played a fair bit of Counterstrike or Doom when you were younger?

jase said...

heheh... yeah jen, plenty o' counterstrike? I seem to remember me running around... on top of your head and knifing you ;)
She played plenty of The Sims, but i'm not sure they'd use that in the Army :D

jenu said...

Its funny, I played a lot of computer games until I got a job at EB and started working in an internet cafe :)