Thursday, March 09, 2006


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It's finally happened. NEARLY a year after I was given my most prized material possesion (pinky my ipod mini) it's full!

I'm sure I could go through and weed out some songs, but you never know when you might crave a bit of (...finding something obscure on there...) "Prince Ali" from Aladdin
I won't be mentioning this to 'the man' as he is already lording it over me that he has an extra 2GB on his ipod.

- Jen


Rae said...

You're right; you can't dump any song. And thanks for putting "Prince Ali" in my head... It's playing along nicely now. :)
BTW Love the desktop!

Mike said...

Yeah, I agree, never get rid of any song. I've got close to 45.3 gig of songs coz I've never deleted any. Its great having a heap of song to choose from. Most excellent choice of songs on your playlist :-)