Sunday, March 19, 2006

House that???

Having been working full time for 38 days I am now constantly plagued by thoughts of house buying. I'm not entirely sure what brought this on, but I just spent an hour browsing on I have a few questions that need answering:

a) How does anyone ever afford to buy a house?
b) Once someone has a house (with an accompanying loan), how do they ever eat?
c) Or afford to go snowboarding
d) Or buy people Christmas presents
e) Or have kids
f) Or eat?

I don't understand how they do it!!! Where does the money come from!

- Jen


Tony said...

Hey Jen,

having just asked the same questions ourselves if you find the answers can you please let us know.

Alternatively do you want to go halves? :)

Mike said...

I recently read an article that said the average mortage repayment is roughly 200 a week (thats for Victoria anyway). Considering most people pay 150 a week on average in rent its not much more to buy a house yourself.
The trick is to get people to share the house with you. That way their helping you pay off the house and in the end you've got a house :-)
Of course travelling, xmas presents etc can all be afforded by doing something called "budgeting". I don't know how that works though, I reckon its a myth.

The Student said...

It's too hard.

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