Monday, March 20, 2006

St Pats Day + Jen the scrooge

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St Pats day was not fun like last year (see pic). This year I walked into Paddy's (local irish bar) took two steps and had beer spilt all over me. By the time we met up with the people we were there to meet you could have wrung out my shirt and filled a pint. Of course that might have been the way to go because in the end I queued for a VERY long time only to pay $25 for TWO pints of Carlton (they overcharged me). Needless to say we weren't there for much longer. Just enough time though for a girl to try and pick a fight with 'the man'.

Having been plagued by thoughts of 'why should I accept them overcharging me' all NIGHT I fronted up to the bar the next day and explained in the nicest way possible that they had made a teeny weeny mistake, that I wasn't drinking so I KNOW they made a mistake and if they'd just be kind enough to give me the $10 they owed me well we'd forget it ever happened.

Of course they didn't believe me.

$10 isn't much I know, but for some reason it played on my mind for the rest of the day. Everything was mentally compared in terms of an expensive pint of beer. Or at least until 'the man' pinched* some salt and pepper shakers when they weren't looking.

The luck of the not English!

- Jen

* Don't worry I took them back later


Anonymous said...

you took them back??!!

The Student said...

They hold beer wet tshirts contests these days?

I should get out more.