Sunday, March 12, 2006

To re-adjust you gotta trust that all the fuss its just a minor thing...

I'm sure I've mentioned on here numerous times how hard the long distance thing is. But after living together its so much harder. Even knowing that it would only be a week until I see the man again I was still sad to go.
I did have a nice weekend though. We didn't do anything in particular. I knocked off work around 2:30 on Friday afternoon which was nice because I got to Melbourne around 5:30. The traffic was horrendous but eventually I got the the man's place and caught a tram into the city to meet him and some people from his work at the Bedford. I'm not sure if it really has the best beer garden in the world as it claims but it wasn't half bad. Somehow I resisted the urge to drink any beer and we headed home not too long after I'd got there. I was happy that I got to meet the rest of the people he works with. Its nice to put a face to the people I hear so much about.

We had an awesome dinner (chili con carne on baked spuds) and then we both fell asleep on the couch. I was absolutely stuffed!! It was a good feeling though, knowing that I'd worked hard all week.

Saturday we went up to Highpoint and I went to a certain store to purchase best friends birthday present, I also bought season one of little britain! Its something I've been wanting to get for a long time so now that I have more disposable income I thought I may as well put the marginal propensity to consume theory to work for me! (kudos to anyone who knows what this is!) I guess I did learn something in microeconomics because its something I always think about.
For those who don't know, basically the marginal propensity to consume theory says that when you have an increase in your disposable income, you spend more. Its actually really interesting (well I think it is) to watch. Next time you get a little more moolah than you are used to, watch your shopping habits in the supermarket!

The man cooked me a really nice pork roast on Saturday night which we ate while we watched little britain. The patriot was on tv which I've never seen but definitely want to after seeing about an hour of it before I was too tired to keep watching.

Today the man and I had lunch with Alex at Anglers which is on the Maribyrnong river. It was really hot (the temperature) but the food (and the company) was fantastic. Its always great to catch up with Alex.

I had the most boring drive in the world back to Albury but when I did get back I somehow mustered up the motivation to get to the gym. I only ran 3ks but did it in 21 minutes (incl a 5 minute warm up walk) so I was pretty happy with that.

Well, tomorrow is Monday...and I'm starting at 7am again. I have a re-sit for an assessment I failed (damn you fringe benefits tax) on Thursday and I need to study hard...then I need to do real work!!

- Jen

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