Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Worm paste, the kitty and me

I have been reading a lot of Dooce tonight which is probably what has put me in an overly thoughtful mood. I think the blog is brilliant. Her writing can be both humourous and moving in the one post. I love the thought that her daughter will be able to look back in 10 years and read all about her growing up. When you are grown up you don't know about the hard times your parents went through just raising you. When I was three I destroyed a VCR by 'posting' arrowroot biscuits through the tape slot. My mother always had to be on the lookout because I would be into the cat biscuits quicker than you could say 'whiskas'.

Speaking of cats, I had to worm mine tonight. I felt like the worst person in the world! Poor trusting Tib got swaddled up in a towel and had paste squirted down her throat. Honestly feeding her twice in 30 minutes last night got me thinking something just isn't right with this kitty. If it makes her stop eating a can of cat food a day I guess its ok. I avoided being scratched too. Although I did have to get Dad to hold her while I did it.

Work is going very well, obviously I'm not going to talk too much about it but I'm doing some actual work now which is pretty exciting and interesting. Very steep learning curve though! Its also hard balancing grad program work with my day to day work. A little part of me misses uni, the fun times like o-week and going out on Wednesday nights. The other half of me enjoys weekends, spending time with the man and the decrease in 'pressure'. The grad program is about 110% harder than I imagined it to be...but I'm here. As long as I work hard I'm okay.

I just thought I'd mention until our presentation preparation for work on Friday I have fingernails. They sounded cool when I played guitar but they kept breaking all the time! and catching on everything!...so the fingernails are minimal at the moment. Mostly I have trimmed them off as opposed to ripping them so my actual fingers look pretty good. Will see what happens.

That is all,

- Jen

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