Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey, remember me?

So the whole 're-connecting the broadband' thing didn't really go as smoothly or as quickly as I thought it would. Basically moving to a telecommunciations provider appears to be way for them to rob you blind. Connections fees as far as the eye can see or the bank account can stretch.

Anyway so I'm back online and frantically trying to remember blogs and forums that I read. Some of them don't even EXIST anymore!!

The new apartment is fantastic but photo-less at the moment although I will try to have some up soon.

We are 'having fun' finding all the little teeny weeny things you wouldn't pick up in an inspection, things like the shower not being sealed quite right resulting in some 'rising damp' on one wall of the bathroom, the front door handle being a little loose, sink in the bathroom not draining very well, the lack of promised dryer in laundry, the lack of gas connection....the list goes on. Luckily for us we have had some (more) problems and haven't ACTUALLY settled yet because the title office has yet to put a stamp on a piece of paper meaning we haven't had final inspection meaning all these things will be fixed very shortly. It also means we aren't paying rent and we aren't paying a mortgage which is quite nice, but a little bit scary because I would really like to be paying one or the other. Nothing in life is free but I suppose the creative cooking we are having to do without a stove top is almost punishment enough. Porridge in the microwave is revolting!

So anyway, I'm back and when I have something interesting to post (oh how I wish I could write about work because there are some hilarious people that come through to me on the phones) I will update again!

- Jen

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