Friday, January 06, 2006

BRD101 - Introduction to Boredom

If you have read any of the posts published in the last week, or you are the man then you will know that I am bored. Very bored.

Now see the thing with boredom is, in order to not be bored you need to somehow alleviate the boredom. One could do this by finding an activity that is stimulating enough to attract the attention of the person who is bored (the boredee) for an extended period of time. Often it need not be just one activity but a string of activities that can often maintain the interest of the boredee.

There comes a point, I have found where you can become SO bored....that it is nearly impossible to find any activity that will engage the boredee. EVERYTHING is too much effort and even though you desperately want something to do...nothing is interesting enough. Here is where the boredee must "fake it". The boredee must pretend that they are not bored and create small activities such as "oohh I could take out the rubbish!" so as to give the impression they are participating in a fun, engaging activity.

The boredee in question is of course me. There has been guitar playing, sleeping, movie watching, long walks, computer game playing, gardening, short walks, shorter runs, sleeping and of course blogging. I definitely have a shorter attention span than I used to because I cannot play computer games anymore. Which is quite sad because the man has quite a wide selection. "Age of Empires 3" held my attention for all of 25 minutes which is how long it took me to get to the 'fortress age' before I succumbed to boredom and hit the 'esc' key.

But I went past the "fake it" stage well and truly. For this afternoon I am walking up to 'puckle st' (around a 4km return trip) and buying some ingredients so that the man and I can make cakes when he gets home from work...and I am seriously excited about it.

...thats just how bad it is guys. Cake Making. There are all kinds of dangerous hazards that will present themselves. For example the oven hasn't been used for making cakes yet so the 'ideal' temperature has yet to be determined...possibly resulting in the cake being "burnt on the outside and NOT COOKED on the inside" (the man's words) ....but being the courageous people we are the cake making venture is going ahead anyway.

Wish me/us luck

- Jen


jase said...

So how did the cake turn out? And im soooo going to crib your song quiz from your last post ;)

jenu said...

Both cakes were big hits...will get to my weekend post soon!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Cakes were execellent!