Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vail 2005: Chapter 2

I have mentioned in previous posts how my 2004/2005 new years was the best I have ever experienced and I have to admit I was a little unsure as to how it could be topped or at least equalled. I needn't have worried though because like the rest of 2005, New Years was brilliant!

I spent New Years in Bendigo with the man, and a couple of his friends. We had tickets to the upstairs of a Pugg Mahones which while costing $100 was well worth it. After all can you really put a price on a seafood buffet, dessert, all you can drink as well as great music and being with your friends?..well I guess you can...but anyway it was a great night. Midnight kind of snuck up on us which usually happens after drinking beer all afternoon...then vodka...then more beer. Like last year I think having the people you love (or at least people close to you) with you is the key to a great time.

The 'all you can drink' drinks ran out at 1 and I would like to think that Mick and I got our money's worth drinking two drinks between 12:55 and 1:00am. Not long after that the man, Mick and I walked back to the motel and despite being intially knocked back by the hitler wife of the motel owner eventually managed to obtain permission for a swim (from the husband once his wife had left).

We got into bed around 2:30 and was woken by a friend of the man's looking to...how do I put it...have a good time with his girlfriend in the pool. Luckily they were dissuaded by the man and left. The man's phone rang at 7:15, which he didn't answer and then mine rang...and I hung up because it was 7:15! All I can say is that Trent is very persistent and rang back. Turns out he was in Melbourne...at the man's house...where we weren't. So his surprise sort of backfired I guess.

We didn't do a lot that day, met Mia, the man's friend Mick's baby daughter (who is very cute). Ate chinese, saw Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (it was an hour wait to see Chicken Little and we were not in a waiting mood).

All in all....another great new years and I'm on a roll now...I think I will try and go for the hatrick by having another great one next year too!!

- Jen

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