Friday, January 13, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Kerfuffle

Brokeback Mountain
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I don't know if any of my legion of fans (thats you) happened to catch the news last night but there is a bit of kerfuffle going on about the release of Brokeback Mountain (yes the gay cowboy movie). Sadly it stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake what have you DONE!).Anyway the movie is not being shown in parts of Queensland even though there are apparently gay jackaroos (and jillaroos). What tickled my sense of humour was a Queensland member of parliament (who looks and sounds about as redneck as you can get) who was interviewed on TV last night who came out with this gem "maybe there are some (gay cowboys) out there but I've never heard of `em," ...closely followed with, "I mean, it's not a profession that attracts those sort of people."

I thought it was great the way the paper put in 'em' instead of 'them' in his quote..making him sound so much worse!!!

Oh well...good luck to 'em.

- Jen


jase said...

What do you mean "Jake, what have you DONE?"
Apparently its a really awesome movie! Just cos' Jakes playing a gay role doesnt make it BAD. Just cos you want to bone him... ;)

Anonymous said...

Please do not pass judgement until you've seen the film. It is a deeply moving and poignant film that has everyone talking about it even days after they've seen it. - Rob from Washington, DC

jenu said...

I wasn't passing judgement, simply pointing out the close minded types that still exist in Australia. I would like to see the movie. But yes the reason I said "jake what have you DONE" is because now I'm going to think of him as gay! Because I'm sure his acting will be that good!